South-Eastern Norway RHA

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (RHA) is one of four health regions in Norway and provides specialized health services to 2.9 million people in south-east Norway. Several of its hospitals are engaged in international collaboration.

Rene Hender
Hand wash education, Jk Lone Hospital Jaipur India, Collaboration with Oslo University Hospital
Photo by: Johanne Mamohau Egenberg Huurnik

The overall goal of the health service in Norway is to ensure adequate and good access to safe and professional health services for all residents. The regional health authorities have two important statutory tasks; - they own health trusts (hospitals) in the health region (ownership responsibility) - and will ensure that the population is offered specialist health services (care-for-responsibility).

In addition to operating hospitals, regional health authorities have tasks in research, education and training of patients and relatives.

Oslo University Hospital: International collaboration

Oslo University Hospital (OUH) is the largest hospital in Norway, providing local, regional and national specialist health care services. The International Collaboration Unit at Oslo University Hospital coordinates the hospital's international health projects. The unit was established in 2008 and is part of the directors’ staff at OUH. The unit have three administrative employees working full time and personnel on short term contracts working in the different projects.

Current projects

  • Malawi: Neurosurgery and Pediatric surgery
  • Ethiopia: Oncology specialization for doctors and masters degree for nurses
  • India: Newborn care
  • Palestine: Obstetrics, Orthopedics and Gynecology

The unit has the administrative responsibility for projects where OUH cooperates with university hospitals abroad to strengthen health systems in low– and middle income countries. Several of the projects are based on mutual exchange where personnel from OUH work at the partner hospital abroad which in turn sends personnel to OUH. The unit follows up and is responsible for all personnel working abroad as well as personnel from partner hospitals working at OUH.

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