Training research staff for community-based studies

Some reflections and suggestions based on experiences gleaned from a CISMAC project in rural Pakistan, Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Muneera A. Rasheed, a CISMAC PhD student studying at Aga Khan University, Pakistan, is the Principal Investigator of the study, “Longitudinal follow-up study of a rural Pakistani population exposed to early responsive stimulation and nutrition interventions in the first two years of life to determine effects on learning, behaviour and growth at 7-8 years old” or “Scale-8”.

Sharing best practice

While Rasheed’s study is an important follow-up to a large community-scale intervention investigating early child development, she believes that the high follow-up rate– over 90% - is largely due to the training programme the study developed research staff and to the fact that the staff are community-based. Learn more.

Picture1 Rasheed